What We Do

We create your Keyword

We find a unique keyword which undeniably describes your business. This will be the word your customers will text to our code (25827) to subscribe to your promotions. If you run Vito's Pizzeria, your keyword might be "Vitos" or "DeepDish" or "SliceOfHeaven". Don't worry. We'll figure out a good keyword for your business together. 

An example of subscribing would be having your customers text the word DEAL to 258-27, except they would be using the keyword which we agreed upon and set up for you.

We create a Group for your Keyword

When people subscribe using your keyword, they are placed in a distribution group which will receive all your SMS (text) promotions, coupons, photos, announcements and reminders you care to send. You provide the message and we format it, schedule it, and send it according to your business needs. We can work with you on message design and formatting as necessary.

We Create Business Opportunities

Using SMS (short messaging system) or text promotions is a subtle but up-front reminder to your customers that you are there for them and ready to handle their business. Use our messaging service to have us send out regularly scheduled events, special events, holiday specials, blog updates, announcements, or whatever it is you need to communicate to your customers to entice them to interact and buy your products and services.