Business to Business (B2B)


Shop Owners

Now you can offer a selection of books for your customers which you chose (or had me carefully curate) to suit your business needs and based on the themes and topics of your business. Tell me what you want and I will find what you need. I am your personal book concierge.

Business Leaders

You can provide motivational and educational books to your team(s) or provide them with a gift which they will value and appreciate. Let me help you find the right book for the moment.

Teachers and Trainers

Training texts can be expensive. Buying in bulk can help alleviate some of the cost. You can order the books in advance and have them available and ready for students when your course begins.

Client-Oriented Professionals

Everyone from real estate agents and brokers to attorneys, consultants and more can have an appropriate book to provide (or sell) to their client. Any professional developing long-term relationships with their clients will want to consider the right book to show their clients.

Specialty Libraries

Public and private libraries can always use a little help expanding their collection. If you have a group or personal library and are looking to find the right titles to add to your collection, please contact me so I may be of assistance to you. 

All You Avid Readers!

If you are a regular at the bookstore and want to see if you can save some money by getting specialty titles through utilizing my services, please contact me and lets see what I can do for you. I look forward to the challenge. 

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Please provide some detail how we can help you and, if you are looking for a specific title or titles, please try to provide the ISBN if you have it. If not, don't worry. I can still assist you.

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