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Own a Small Business?


Do you want to carry a variety of books related to your business so you can sell or give them to your clients? You can help educate your clientele, or simply reward them with a thoughtful gift, without paying retail prices. Let us know what you need.

Have a Reading Group?


If you have a group whose members all go out and try to find copies of the latest assigned book, get them a group deal where they save time and money. Have everyone's copy waiting for them when they arrive at the meeting. No running around. No waiting. You'll be their hero.

Get What You Need.


Whether you need fifteen copies of the same book or a variety of carefully curated selections to reflect your specific interests, we can help you. Send us an email and tell us what you're looking for. We can get the process rolling and help you with a one-time purchase or an ongoing order fulfillment for your small business, reading group or personal library.

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